Movie Night!

//Movie Night!

Movie Night!

Movie night!

Raven’s Guardians had the pleasure of hosting a movie night. We bought an $80 projector to host movie nights and project presentations when we host classes.

Or first run included Showing Knights Of Badassdom, a comedy action film occurring primarily at a LARP event. The film takes a humorous tilt on showing a LARP environment. This was a fun way to introduce individuals who are not familiar with the concepts to the world or roleplay. We made hamburgers and salad for everyone to enjoy and wanted to say a special thanks to our resident viking David Kilbourn for grilling.

We also secured enthusiastic support from our future volunteers willing to help facilitate rides with those who are unable to drive themselves via transport issues.

One of our adult Autists came up with some fantastic ideas surrounding a Zelda themed LARP as well as donating a small chest and a bag full of gold coins that will be wonderful to use for events!

We plan to host more movie nights in the future with games themed by movies and talks on historical or fantasy based significance with varying films for different age groups.

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