//HAPPY 4TH!!!



We wanted to wish all of our American friends a Happy Independence day!

The 4th of July can be a wonderful day of celebration and comradery. For some though it can be a bit anxiety inducing. While many of us love fireworks some Autists, Veterans, and animals may react poorly to the sounds. Enjoying a holiday is much more fun when your body isn’t full of cortisol.

A few tips for a better 4th:

Talk to your neighbors to see if there is anyone around you that would be sensitive to fireworks. This may even help you grow your tribe by getting to know those in your environment better.

If you are sound sensitive, or have a loved one who is, you can purchase sound dampening head phones.

Many fireworks are not as loud as the small mortars and are just as fun. I like the sparkler volcanoes and colored smoke bombs.

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